Short hair; Revolutionary

My hair is what you would call naturally curly. When I was younger I would get combs stuck in my long curly hair. As a girl with naturally curly hair, you hear many many things though out your life time.  The most common is, “never cut your hair, It is so beautiful.”

That is when I became attached to my hair. I thought that I had this special gift of long beautiful curly hair. Yes, I love my curly hair, yes I am a woman but I have decided that no, my hair does not define me.

Studying abroad in Ireland for three months taught me that time is of essence and spending almost two hours every other day attempting to control my hair was not time well spent.

after a 17 mile walk I put my hair in two pig tales and I handed the scissors to my friend and off went 12 inches of my curly luscious hair.

My hair went from the small of my back to my color bone. However, a year later, and that wasn’t enough.

This summer, I woke up one day and decided, after looking at pixie cuts on Pinterest for a year now, that I was going to stop living with that “what if” and I went to the hair salon and got it all cut off.

It was revolutionary.

I am no longer dragging a mop on my head, my shampoo lasts, my hats in the winter look super cute, my hair does not blow in my face when taking photos, I no longer need a basket full of hair accessories, my hair doesn’t freeze in the winter and most of all, my confidence has grown.

I no longer have to hide behind my hair.  I can be me and my hair doesn’t define my character.

Sometimes you must do the thing that scares you the most to find out who you truly are and not worry what others will think of you.


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  1. Good for you. I love my long hair now, but in high school I had little pixie cuts all the time and I loved them as well. Girls should be able to do what they want with their hair. Two years ago my hair was down to my butt, I cut it all off up to my chin. I swear my best friend and my mom were going to cry. But long hair takes a lot of work and it’s so hard to style, plus it gets everywhere. Literally, everywhere. My hair is straight as can be so I have no idea about curly hair except that my best friend has it. She uses tons of projects and hates getting her hair wet. It’s insane the amount of work she has to put in before we go out. So, I’m glad you discovered you love pixie cuts. It looks adorable on you.


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