2018; My struggle with the M.n.M.’s


2018. A new year. A new me. Right? The thought is there anyway, and so are the actions to follow. But let me tell you, it is a serious struggle.

Here are three words that I have been seriously struggling with the concept of in the new year. Millennial. Naturalist. Minimalist. 


It just so happens that I was born in 96. Thus placing me in the controversial category of millennial. If I am walking through the store and happen to look at my phone, I with no reason, from someone who does not even know my story, am called a millennial as though it is a bad thing. Though I do not agree with many millennial ways, I believe that what every generation attempts to do is bring a positive change, with little intention if any at all to hurt any other generation. Some days I lose my hope in humanity, but other days, my hope is restored as I see people trying to better themselves and those lives around them.  People however, dislike change and what is not comfortable is at times sensed as bad.


My idea of a naturalist is someone who obviously loves nature, and all that it provides. I believe that we were born originally into a natural world. The products we surround ourselves are not natural and I believe are hurting us and the planet and causing unnecessary clutter. My ideal way of life is preventing my own production of trash. I saw a recent youtube video about a woman who has the same standards. She however, took it to a whole new level. She decided that the waste production of each individual should not necessarily fall in their hands since they have little say in the way items are packaged. Walking through the store, there is minimal products that are not packaged in trash. She therefore now has a store that is trash free packaging. This is the way of the future. To view a video on how to reduce your trash, click here.


I love the idea of Minimalism. Only having what you need, saving money and focusing your time on those who matter. The thought is a great one. after reading many blogs, My biggest struggles are well. Nebraska. Many Hobbies. And a love for simple style.  However, after watching the video linked above, it gave me the perspective that living with minimal items is not for a Pinterest worthy post or Instagram goals, but for the hope to declutter your life.




Nebraska; Who to follow on Twitter & WHY

1. Nebraska Land

Nebraska land is a fun Twitter feed. If you enjoy the outdoors, take a look at this link and take in the beautiful Nebraska sunsets and scenery. It is easy to find, especially if your looking.

2. Nebraska Game and Parks

If you find yourself outdoors more than you find yourself indoors, even in the crazy tundra temperatures, Nebraska Game and Parks is a fantastic twitter feed and will show you the latest when it comes to the “Great Outdoors”.

3. University of Nebraska Lincoln Research

Research. I promise this twitter feed is more exciting than the title. The Research done at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln is groundbreaking and exciting. Click the link to take a look.

4. Omaha World Herald

Even though Omaha is just a portion of Nebraska, The Omaha World Herald does a fine job at keeping Nebraska covered on the latest news and fun stories.

5. Ben Sasse

When staying up to date on the latest government changes in Nebraska, Check out Ben Sasse’s twitter page to stay up to date.

6. KETV News Watch 7

KETV News Watch 7’s Twitter feed is a quick and easy way to catch up on the local news so you don’t stay out of the loop.

7. Nebraska.Gov

Keep up to date on Nebraska government changes and a variety of Policies and government leaders.

8. Doug Kristensen

Doug Kristensen, the chancellor of the University of Nebraska at Kearney keeps students in Kearney on the up and up with what is happening for classes, college updates and encouraging words of wisdom.

9. Kearney Hub

There is nothing as refreshing as reading a quick twitter post about local stories put together by dedicated local writers.

10. Grand Island Independent 

The Grand Island Independent has a variety of local news stories, but vary in a stories if you want to mix up your local story coverage.


My Thoughts

While looking at editorials that have been posted in the past week or two, I found one that stuck out to me. As someone who lives in Nebraska where the weather has its ups and downs, this editorial was about the service workers who make our holidays and even everyday easier, without much thought given. I think this was a very thoughtful editorial that gives those service workers appreciation that is very well deserved. The Omaha World Herald published this short but sweet editorial in hopes to bring to attention to the workers who deserve it the most. With little gratitude from those they run into during the day, they clear our streets, save our lives, and build our homes, and offices in very low temperatures.  Very well done Omaha World Herald. 





A Step into the Unknown

The year of  2018 will throw a lot of firsts in my path. While many know exactly what the future may hold, I do not even know what tomorrow will bring. Will we have class or will we not. Will Nebraska bring ice in the middle of January, or will I be wearing shorts?

Graduating College in approximately four months, my near future is not a window, not a door, but a massive gaping hole in the side of a wall, filled with endless possibilities, and not one instruction manual in sight. However, through the hole, there is a feeling of endless space, bright lights, cool air and to my surprise, not a staircase, but one stair.  One single step into the unknown.

While surfing the internet in desperate search of the one dream job that will spark my interest, I ran into a blog post capturing all of my thoughts that I express from day to day. I thought because I am not the only 20 something, soon to be college graduate out there wondering what the future holds, these words of wisdom would bring you the same hope they brought me. Here is a blog with great advice for those who are either still in college or just about finished.


How to Figure Out WTF to do with Your Life in (or After) College

In Megan’s blog, she shares 10 things that will help any 20 something, searching for meaning in their life, find it.

I personally found her ten tips to be extremely accurate. There however were  five that stuck out the most to me. These five include the given:

  1. “Learn Your Strengths and Weaknesses”

This point is extremely accurate. After taking a strength test with gallup this semester, life seems to make a little more sense and the way I complete things and the order in which I do so, doesn’t seem so confusing.

2. “Find a Mentor”

As Megan discusses her experience with finding a Mentor, It reminded me of the many mentors I have met and continue to cherish  in the past four years of school. Finding someone who shares a similar passion as you really helps in your self development.

3. “Intern or Job Shadow”

This is a BIG one. Extremely important. After two internships, I have decided finally, as a senior, what I want to do. Thanks to one of the internships, I have also discovered what job I do not want to do, but am still very thankful for both opportunities and the amazing people I have met through both.


4. “Travel”

Yes. Yes. Yes.  As Megan very well stated, she has never met someone who studied abroad and regretted it but has met many who regret never studying abroad.

I am one of those who was fortunate to study abroad for three months in Ireland. At the age of 21, I have been to 12 countries and 25 states, and don’t plan on stopping there. Traveling shows you how big the world is and how small you are. It dips you into a pool of culture and opens your mind. It is truly a beautiful life changing experience and I believe it is important for self growth.

5. “Pick Up Hobbies”.

I laughed out loud at this one. I have so many hobbies. People regret asking me what I do in my free time. One because I don’t have free time because I have so many hobbies. Two because how does one person acquire so many? I enjoy paining, singing, playing my ukulele, running, hiking, paddle boarding, traveling, videography, reading, being with people and my passion is photography, and might I add drinking coffee. Finding even one thing you enjoy doing keeps your sanity in check and nourishes the mind.